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Let’s Build a Solution that Becomes an Experience.

Is outdated sound, light, or video systems taking up your time and not allowing you to focus on the actual work of your ministry? At TWIST IST, we understand the impact of seamless Audio-Visual solutions for your church.

AV Systems go unnoticed till something breaks.

When everything is operational, and your team is fully functional, you tend not to focus on AV systems because they do what they are supposed to do.. At TWIST IST, we see these systems as the first link in the chain between your message and the congregation and a foundation for the future growth of your ministry.
Let’s build a firm foundation together.

Technology Tailored to Fit

We recognize that every church is unique. Our customized AV solutions consider your space, acoustics, and style of worship. Whether you’re a traditional sanctuary or a contemporary space, we design systems that harmonize with your environment and who you’re called to be.

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Key Technologies that Build an Experience

There are common practices we’ve seen over the years that, when added, provide ministry solutions with stellar outcomes. Our team has decades of experience specific to ministry media and understands the fine line between creating a spectacle and creating a worship experience unique to your body.

Immersive Lighting

High CRI Lighting

Live streaming of services has created the need for our platforms to become broadcast spaces. Lighting instruments with a High Color Rendition Index (CRI) means your light source provides repeatable consistent imagery that remains true to your cameras and your congregation.

House Lighting

The lighting in the sanctuary is as important as the lighting on your platform. Fluorescent lighting flickers, can emit noise, color, EM interference, and generally diffuse engagement.
House Lighting and architectural DMX-based wall panels go a long way to create an experience.

Creative Lighting

Stage Lighting has been called the “music for the eye,” depending on your style of worship service. Introducing color and movement is a great way to create an atmosphere. At TWIST IST, we have several solutions for making this achievable for your church.

Crystal-Clear Audio

Clarity without Volume

Focusing on reducing the volume on your stage is a tried and true means of reducing the overall sound you need in the room. Ask us how we match your team with custom IEM (in-ear monitors) and remove potentially hazardous stage monitors from your setup.

Point Cloud vs. Line Array

Almost all sanctuaries will benefit from moving away from “Point Cloud” speaker systems and converting to a Line Array stack. Ask your solutions provider if that would fit your room well.

Local Audio Network? 

Churches are leveraging tools like Dante or AVB to create local area audio networks to move sound around your facility and make it available for multiple departments with low to zero latency.

Growth via Broadcasting

Virtual Ministry

No, not VR church… We’ve seen an increase in churches with virtual pastoral staff, which act as digital greeters for those attending church online. What that could mean for your ministry is adding a small studio or backdrop in your sanctuary where your digital team may greet and interact with viewers on camera before and after the service.

Future Proofing with 8k?

At TWIST IST, we’ve lived through several shifts in technology. From Tape to Tapeless, From SD to HD, and now from HD to UHD. The power of shooting in a resolution larger than you are distributing serves two goals, it allows you to repurpose that footage or may give you more flexibility in an increasingly vertical video world.

Broadcast Automaton

We are broadcasters at heart. We design systems that lend themselves to automation, including redundancy and failover points, as much as budget allows. We understand that live events are not something you may reproduce, so our systems must be fault tolerant and flexible.

What Does the Process Look Like?

At TWIST IST, we understand that your needs are as distinct as your ministry. That’s why we take a personalized approach to every project, starting with a comprehensive consultation. Our team of seasoned experts will work closely with you to uncover your specific goals and challenges.

Let's Build a Better Broadcast Together!

Act now to take your vision and make it a reality.

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